fall of man

Q.3– The third problem has to do with the fall of man. Should this be described as something which was inevitable in the destiny of souls, or something which God did not desire but which He did not prevent once He had given free will? The problem here is to reconcile the omniscience of God and His knowledge of all things with the free will of the soul and soul's fall from grace.
A. 3– He did not prevent, once having given free will. For He made the individual entities or souls in the beginning. The beginnings of sin, of course, were in seeking expression of themselves outside of the plan or way in which God had expressed same. Thus it was the individual, see?
Having given free will, then – though having the fore-knowledge, though being omnipotent and omnipresent – it is only when the soul, that is a portion of God, chooses that God knows the end thereof. [There is a River]

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