electronic tube seed

"That includes every creating thing, and its pattern, as being thought-recordings which act for awhile then refold into little electronic tubes, which we call seeds, for intervals of rest. When we turn the electric current on to those electronic tube seeds, we can see and hear the record all over again, whether it be ourselves, a tree or a solar system. Is not that a lesson in immortality?" [Atomic Suicide, page 151]

"Where, therefore, is dimension, or time? If that event is happening within your room NOW as an unfolding from an electronic seed, and that dimensionless seed is unfolding in 50,000,000 rooms, how can you say that it is ten thousand miles, and weeks of time away from you? If you place a yardstick upon a mighty oak and measure its many dimensions, and then the oak withdraws those dimensions into its concept, as recorded in its seed, or in your eye, how can you say that the dimensions you measure with a yardstick and weighing scales, have any reality in a universe in which the reality you believe in disappears before your very eyes." [Atomic Suicide, page 153]

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