Vacuum Exchange

"... a close colleague and I have finally and arduously discovered nature's eerie mechanism by which any temporary overunity condition in an electrical power system is decayed. We have filed a patent application on the process for transducing the decay energy into ordinary electron current, using it as an input to the system, and thereby "clamping" and locking a temporary surge of overunity into a sustained and stable disequilibrium in the vacuum exchange. This makes possible the development and advent of self-powering systems, since classical thermodynamics and its infamous second law no longer applies. Instead, the system is an open system far from equilibrium in its exchange with the active vacuum. Hence, under the thermodynamics of open dissipative systems, such a system is permitted to exhibit five magical functions: it can exhibit (i) self-ordering, (ii) self-rotation or self-oscillation, (iii) output of more energy than one oneself inputs (the excess energy is freely received from the active vacuum), (iv) power itself and its load (all the energy is freely received from the active vacuum), and (v) exhibit negentropy. Every charge and dipole in the universe exhibits all five of those functions, and these are EM systems a priori in that there is no such thing as an electrical power system without them."

"The best I can do is recommend some of the more important and pertinent references. You can easily download my current papers from my website, www.cheniere.org. There are also many AIAS papers to be downloaded from a DOE website I list in some of the references below."
Very best wishes in your research,
Tom Bearden, Ph.D.
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