The Magic of Secrecy

The Magic of Secrecy

“Those who refuse to affiliate with anything that is of a secret nature do so because they feel that knowledge, if it is worthwhile, should be given freely to the world. They ask, “If the knowledge taught is good and will uplift humanity, why then is it kept secret from all except those who are initiated?” In my answer lies the positive proof that such a question is asked only by those who are not willing to make some conscious effort for what they would receive.

The answer is simple: The majority of people will not take the time, thought, and conscious effort necessary to pierce the veil and disclose the great truths. “There is a Key,” they cry; “a Key we must first have before we may understand.” Even so, there are many books readily obtainable which contain the keys, but where are the multitudes who thereby obtain the keys? Lecture after lecture is written on the Bible, delivered, and published, but how many seekers attend or read such lectures?

Take that secret organization known as Freemasonry, for example. It is claimed that Masonry contains many laws and principles which are kept secret and revealed only to its initiates. Not being a member of this august fraternity, I do not know just what it contains or what it reveals, but it is evident that it must hold and reveal something worthwhile, else it would not be the powerful organization we know it to be. However, if Masonry held every law and principle, if it revealed ways and means whereby its members could use such knowledge so as to perform so-called miracles, and so on, it would be of no avail to scatter its knowledge to the world; for in such case the multitudes would listen, expecting something very wonderful, and not being prepared to receive the great truths in their simplicity they would turn aside.

Take, again, the Rosicrucians—known to possess and teach so many of the secret laws and principles which, once known and put into practice, enable people to live as their Creator intended. What if this great fraternity should scatter its teachings broadcast, give them openly and freely to all the world? Few, indeed, would listen; fewer would understand; and fewer yet would put them into practice and thus reap their benefits. Yet the Rosicrucian teachings are not hidden; they are accessible to all who ask with a sincere heart. Why, then, do not the majority who seek truth take advantage of these teachings? Simply because they must give of their time and energy in order to absorb and understand such teaching, and that is what they will not do,
Harvey Spencer Lewis, FRC
“The Magic of Secrecy” in Master of the Rose Cross (2009)

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