Orbitally Rearanged Monoatomic (and diatomic) Element or ORME. The electrons arrange cooper pairs The behavior of superconductors suggests that electron pairs are coupling over a range of hundreds of nanometers, three orders of magnitude larger than the lattice spacing. Called Cooper Pairs, these coupled electrons can take the character of a boson and condense into the ground state on one orbital - the shortest. The Neutron becomes a football shape and ESR (Electron Spin Resonance) goes way up. The ORME is room temperature superconducter and is inert but with 90-second spectrometer burn per Russian academy of science returns to metal and detected. Orme is transceiver of universal conscience or Source. They don't want to hang around the body weak in ORME so a special coil must be made to resonant link the DNA and become an ORME accumulator or tuning fork. Compare to the ATF free energy magnetic vortex stressor for an understanding of ORME activation. Thanks for this to Michael Braden.

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