0= Niton 900= Nt. 222.4
[The Universal One, Page 100]

"There are nine cosmic gases; the first and the last being one. Alphanon begins the cycle and ends it. There is no beginning and no ending.
The list of cosmic gases follows: alphanon, betanon, gammanon, helium, neon, argon, krypton, zenon, and niton." [The Secret of Light, page 272] See The Universal One, page 92

"This idea you must also give much thought to, for your environment demands a proper amount of heat, which will become impossible when your present normal environment is made abnormal by countless billions of alpha and niton rays, which will bombard you constantly and show their effects in leukemia, bone cancer, deformed children and many other effects until you die by slow expansion. A "lethal dose" of radium gases will quicken that expansion." [Atomic Suicide, page 14]

"You are seeing the luminous metallic expansion bullets which leave their metallic quality in their target to continue their expansion, and pass through, and beyond it into an inert gas named niton, then through another named zenon, then through another named krypton, and another named argon, and still another named neon until it finds its final resting place in helium. In passing through all these they have expanded them all to get back to the low pressures of the 4th octave." [Atomic Suicide, page 39]

"It may seem incredible to you who are accustomed to the idea of density in matter, and of the difficulty of ordinary light to penetrate even its crust, to know that the white fluorescent rays of plutonium or neptunium can penetrate several feet into solid lead after having become "de-electrolyzed" by their impact with niton. It is the accepted belief of the entire scientific world that radium eventually becomes harmless by "decaying" into lead. This is an impossibility of Nature for radium is male, and lead is female, in their sex divisions. Such a transition is one effect which is entirely outside of Nature." [Atomic Suicide, page 262]

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