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26. There are four magnetic poles in every wave field, not two as heretofore believed. A threedimensional
cube-bounded, sphere-centered, radial universe would be impossible with but two
magnetic poles.
The two unsuspected magnetic poles are not unknown, however. They are the two foci so
casually referred to in Kepler’s law of elliptical orbits, and they are in a plane of 90-degrees from
the plane of the positive and negative north and south poles.
The two as-yet-ignored magnetic poles have already been referred to as east and west magnetic
poles. The office of these east and west positive and negative poles is to control the balance of
prolating and oblating spheres and their orbits as they contract into spheres and expand into rings
equatorially, in opposition to the north and south poles which control the balance of extension and
contraction in the direction of rotating poles.
27. Nature is engaged solely in the manufacture of spheres of solid matter surrounded by cube
wave fields of tenuous space. Spheres are created by extending the flat discs, which are inert gases,
into rings and spheroids which gradually become spheres. The opposition of the north and south
magnetic poles is accountable for that. They thrust away from each other as hard as they can to
fulfill the generative half of the electric cycle.
The generative half is the polarizing half. It is the vitalizing half, comparable to the maturing
years of man's life from babyhood to forty years. The north and south poles thrust not only against
each other's resistance but against the opposite thrust of the east and west poles, which finally
conquer the generative power of gravity and oblate spheres into spheroids, then thrust spheroids into
rings and discs until the depolarization process is complete. The depolarizing radiative half of the
cycle might be likened to the aging latter half of a man's life.
The forces of thrusting are electric. The division into opposite conditions is electric. Magnetic
poles control and balance the two electric dividers of the universal equilibrium but the work of
extension from the fulcrum of stillness is entirely electric.
Electricity is the engine which supplies the motivating force to the universal ship, but polarity
supplies the rudder and the balance which every moving body must have.
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Electricity is the physical expression which Creation is, but the magnetic Light of the universe is
the Source of that expression which acts under the spiritual direction and control of magnetic poles
of Light. Poles appear only when motion begins its division of ONE into TWO and disappear when
the TWO cease to be two in their unity as ONE.
28. Nature generates matter from rings into spheres by the way of north-south poles and radiates
spheres back into rings by the way of their equatorial east-west poles.
In this manner matter emerges from space to form moving bodies, and is swallowed
up by space to disappear into the stillness of their zero source.
Reciprocative Workings of Opposing Poles
North-south poles balance and control the prolating of spheres which Nature needs for the
forming of bodies and their vision into pairs. They extend in opposite directions at angles of 90-
degrees from wave axes to form poles of rotation for spherical body forms. They are the shafts of
waves and of all spheres which spin upon shafts.
East-west poles balance and control the oblating of spheres which Nature no longer needs for its
body forms. They extend on wave axes to equators of forming spheres. They are the rims of wheels
which spin upon the north-south shafts.
North-south poles control the division of equilibrium into two opposite conditions which occupy
opposite sides of mutual equators.
East-west poles exercise their control from equators of forming spheres and balance the
movements of all orbits and all aphelia and perihelia of orbits as matter appears from its fulcrum
and disappears into it.
East west poles mark upon sphere's equators the seeming oscillations of the north-south piston
strokes as the compression of gravity and the expansion of radiation cross and recross equators to
perform the work of unfolding and folding body forms of Mind-idea.
North-south poles control centripetal windings of spheres which form where the apices of two
cones meet, and east-west poles control centrifugal unwindings of spheres and sphere systems into
cone bases at wave axes.
North-south poles divide the ONE condition into TWO against the resistance of ease west
polarity, while east-west poles unite the TWO conditions into ONE against the resistance of
north-south polarity and keep balance between opposite hemispheres and hemispheroids.
North-south polarity, for example, controls the electric division of the one balanced condition of
sodium chloride into two unbalanced conditions. Sodium chloride is the fulcrum. Sodium and
chlorine are opposite ends of a lever which is extended from the fulcrum like two children on
opposite ends of a seesaw.
East-west polarity controls the electric withdrawal of the two extensions into their fulcrum, thus
uniting the two extended equators with their fulcrum at wave amplitude. Instead of three equators
for the two extensions, there is now but one equator for the united pair.
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North-south poles give one of the three dimensions which this dimensionless equilibrium needs
for the projection of its illusions, while east-west poles give the other two.
The one dimension of north-south polarity is length, for poles of rotation have no other
dimension as they are but one radius of a sphere. The other two dimensions are width and breadth,
for equators of spheres are circles, and circles have infinite radii.
North-south poles extend away from each other at an angle of 90-degrees from their equators to
divide the universal one condition into two opposed conditions.
East-west poles remain upon the planes of their equators to unite the two divided conditions into
one balanced condition.
North-south directions lead away from each other, out into infinity. They are opposites and
opposites oppose until depolarization voids all polarity.

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