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But teachers are there. They would like you to cling to them, and they will cling to you. And they will create such a situation in which if you escape you will feel always guilty. A MASTER HAS A MILIEU AROUND HIM WHICH, IF YOU LIVE THERE, YOU LIVE BY YOUR OWN DECISION. If you leave, you leave by your own decision. And when you leave, a Master would not like you to feel guilty about it, so he gives such a color to the situation that you feel, "This master is not a master," or, "This master is not for us," or "He is so contradictory, that he is absurd." He takes the whole responsibility so you don't feel guilty. You simply go away from him, completely clean and washed of him.

That's why I am contradictory. And when I say "on purpose", that doesn't mean that I am doing it; it is just how I am. But "on purpose" has a meaning into it, and the meaning is: I WOULD NOT LIKE YOU, WHENEVER YOU LEAVE ME, TO FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT. I would like to take the whole responsibility. I would like you to feel that, "This man is wrong," and that's why you are leaving. Not that YOU are wrong, because if that feeling goes in your being, that you are wrong and it was not good, then it will be again destructive, a destructive seed within you.

A MASTER NEVER POSSESSES YOU. You can be with him, you can go away — but there is no possessiveness in it. He allows you total freedom of being with or going away. That's what I mean that here you are: celebrate with me; whatsoever I am, share with me. But IF YOU FEEL IN A CERTAIN MOMENT TO GO AWAY, THEN TURN YOUR BACK AND NEVER LOOK AGAIN TOWARDS ME. And don't think about me, and don't feel guilty.

There are deep problems involved in it. IF YOU FEEL GUILTY, you may go away from me, but just to balance the guilt YOU WILL GO ON TALKING AGAINST ME. Otherwise, how you will balance the guilt? You will go on condemning me. That means you have gone and not yet gone. Negatively you are with me, and that is more dangerous.

IF YOU HAVE TO BE WITH ME, BE POSITIVELY WITH ME. Otherwise, simply forget me, that "This man doesn't exist" - Why go on condemning? But if you feel guilty, you will have to balance. If you feel guilty, guilt is heavy, and you would like to condemn me. If you condemn, then there is a balance; and then negatively you will remain with me. With my shadow, you will move. That's again wasting your time and your life, your energy.

Yoga: The Alpha and the Omega
Vol 3, Ch #8: The Master appears
am in Buddha Hall
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