". . . as the body may dedicate its life and its abilities to a definite service, to the Creative Forces, or God, there will be healing forces brought to the body.

This requires, then, that the mental attitude be such as to not only proclaim or announce a belief in the divine, and to promise to dedicate self to same, but the entity must consistently live such." Cayce (3121-1)

". . . do not be afraid of giving self in a service - if the ideal is correct. If it is for selfish motives, for aggrandizement, for obtaining a hold to be used in an underhand manner, beware. If it is that the glory of truth may be made manifest, spend it all - whether self, mind, body, or the worldly means - whether in labor or in the coin of the realm." Cayce (1957-1)

(Q) Will the New Year unfold greater opportunities for my professional advancement and my greater service to my fellow man?
(A) "These are part of self's own development and must rise within by taking advantage of those opportunities which are offered from day to day. As has so oft been indicated, and this body will find same within its own experience, it is as we use that in hand that the greater opportunities are given." Cayce (1472-9)

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