"Then, in the turn of the century, Rutherford and Bohr conceived the idea of atomic construction as being based upon the firm belief in the Coulomb law, which says that matter attracts oppositely "charged" electrical matter, and repels similarly "charged" matter. Nothing could seem more convincing, for one pole of a magnet seemingly "attracted" its opposite and "repelled" its like. It never occurred to them that males and females do not unite with their own sexes. If the sex idea, in relation to electricity, had occurred to them there would never have been a Coulomb law, nor a nucleus in an atom. Nothing could be more convincing to sense-reasoning than the very self-evident fact that there must be two kinds of electricity - even if the electric current did run but one way, but with an unproved suspicion that it ran two ways." [Atomic Suicide, page 146]

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