compass needle

"The rapid rotation of the magnetic needle of a compass which Mr. Keely shows in his experiments, rests entirely on the alternating of the dominant alone, which is effected by a triple condition of vibration that is antagonistic to its harmonious flow as associated with its other attendants. A rapid change of polarity is induced, and rapid rotation necessarily follows.'' [19.05.09 - Keely and His Discoveries]

"Regarding the compass needle which seeks the point of north at one end and the point of south at the other end, the principle is the same. Every compass needle is a miniature bar magnet." [Atomic Suicide, page 186]

"They are merely the curved planes of opposing pressures

[p. 187]

which electricity is causing in its efforts to compress. The vortex of gravity which is in the compass needle, will follow these pressures. Every effect of motion in this universe is an electrical effect caused by an electrical force acting under the control of the invisible Magnetic universe. The invisible universe entirely dominates and controls the visible universe, but motion is entirely electric." [Atomic Suicide, page 186-187]

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