"Newton said that this subtle ether penetrates through all, even the hardest bodies, and is concealed in their substance. Through the strength and activity of this spirit, bodies attract each other, and adhere together when brought into contact. In it, and by it, distance is annihilated, and all objects touch each other. Through this "life spirit" light also flows, and is refracted and reflected, and warms bodies. Through it we are connected in sympathy with all other souls, and all the objects of nature, even to all the heavenly bodies. The word ether is from "αιθω." to light up or kindle. According to Pythagoras and all the oldest philosophers, it was viewed as a divine luminous principle or substance, which permeates all things, and, at the same time, contains all things. They called it the astral light. The Germans call it the "Weltgeist," the breath of the Father, the Holy Ghost, the life-principle." [Bloomfield-Moore, The Fountain Head of Force]

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