â–¸an object, or an item. This word is used when you cannot or do not want to refer to the object or item in a more specific way
â–¸the objects that belong to a particular person or that are used for a particular purpose
â–¸an object that you are not familiar with or do not know much about
â–¸used when you are angry, or used for referring to an object you do not like
â–¸an action, or an activity
â–¸a situation, or an event
â–¸a fact or a condition related to a particular situation, activity, person, etc.
â–¸used for referring to a particular aspect of a situation that you are making a comment about
â–¸all of the aspects of a particular situation
â–¸used for talking about life in a general way
â–¸an aspect of life
â–¸an idea, a comment, or a piece of information
â–¸used for referring to other examples or details, especially when you cannot or do not want to refer to them in a more specific way
â–¸a young person or animal that you like. This word is used for saying something nice to them or about them

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