SVP is not a cult

Of course not. There are a few unaware individuals and web sites professing this. But they are all in error. Most of their allegations originate in the false premise Keely was a fraud. This original unfounded slander has been thoroughly debunked here: Was Keely a Fraud?. As we always say: Do your own research and stop believing what others says just because they say it.

What is a cult?
Common definitions:
noun: a system of religious beliefs and rituals
noun: adherents of an exclusive system of religious beliefs and practices

There is no religion in Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. However, where science and religion intersect - consciousness and mind - there are common findings which are not religious but are considered science and spiritual. A religion to us has required beliefs, dogma and doctrine. SVP has no beliefs, dogma or doctrine. SVP is science.

So it appears all of these individuals who falsely claim SVP is a cult are either ignorant of definitions or are working some kind of angle or agenda to demonize, invalidate or otherwise calumniate SVP and/or those involved with investigating the heretofore unknown or unrecognized inner workings of Mind and Nature.

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