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What was their relationship? Many of the original articles are on the svpwiki already. As for who did what when a good source is the “Chronology” and “Keely Chronology” pages within the svpwiki. I began the Keely Chronology as a way to focus specifically on him because the Chronology page was getting large and detailed. The two pages should be studied together. I do not remember how much was transferred from the Chronology page to Keely Chronology page. Also there is a partial list of articles Bloomfield-Moore wrote on her bio page. She mentions Hughes quite often in her writings. These should be the original texts and you can see they have basically the same title or name as the chapters in her book.

Keely Chronology

A couple of years ago I was contacted by a lady from the Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia. She was researching Bloomfield-Moore for some purpose. That contact information is on the other computer which will not start.

Moore College of Art and Design

More works by Bloomfield-Moore

Clara Bloomfield-Moore - wikipedia

I have more materials on her within the archives. Some materials are just notes. Who has the time to go through all that?

I have since the 1980s used a text searchable database program to log my research. This allows me to find notes or materials in a few seconds. Much of that database has been converted to pdf files which can also be word searched. I’m attaching the pdf of “Keely and His Discoveries” that you can word search and find all the occurrences of the term “Hughes” (for instance) which are of course references to her and her book. This book has been entered into the svpwiki.com HERE and can be accessed and searched. Some of those links on that page are original unedited articles while some are not. I did not note which are which.

Another list of original articles that may be of interest.

Keely - Historical Documents
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