Gods concentrative thinking

"The wave is created by dividing the four sexless rings of the inert gases into four pairs of oppositely sex-conditioned rings, and projecting them toward sex mates of adjoining wave-fields to find balance and unity in each other. God's concentrative thinking compresses these mate rings as they are projected. This is the generoactive (uphill flow of energy) principle which multiplies power and speed in the inverse ratio of the cube, as they are thus centripetally projected, until the red and blue


pair of cyclonic vortices, thus resulting, collide at wave amplitudes, midway between the two zero cathodes from which they were projected." [Atomic Suicide, page 119-120]

"We are thoughts of Mind being made in the image of our imaginings. The multiplicity of mathematics, as well as the density of concentrative thinking, are expressed, in infinite variety and complexity "out there" on the other ends of light rays, but they are zero at their Source within them." [Atomic Suicide, page 245]

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