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Plants Talk
Atlin the musical dynasphere has a consciousness. I cannot say how it got there. Not sure if Dale can…. Or did I miss that part in his sayings book?
But last summer I ran into one of Dale’s guests as he was literally leaving for the mountains after a brief stay at the Ponderosa in La Junta.
We met in the science lab on the bottom floor and I mentioned to him that machines have a consciousness too and I referred to the large drill press that was nearby. The largest machine in the lab I think. Other than Dale’s mind.
“Oh, you can sense it too?” he said, adding that he had felt it very strongly the night before. Actually, I had not specifically felt or experienced the consciousness in the drill press but I am thinking that even machines have a consciousness somehow related to the thought matrix that created them.
Anyway, I wanted this particular guest who is reported to have very strong intuitive skills to talk to my Nissan Sentra to see if it had any thoughts to convey to me since we have spent considerable time together tooling around the country the past few years. But the visitor was gone before I could bring up my request.
That all things seem to have a consciousness of some sort is affirmed in this month’s Science of Mind magazine.
Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg, M. D., write a monthly science and spirituality column in Science of Mind.
They note that fungi can “lie, cheat, retaliate and withhold oxygen from a selfish mate.” I did not know that a fungus can have a mate. But that is irrelevant to the higher knowledge of what a fungus can do. Act almost human.
The two further point out that a plant such as a sagebrush when being eaten by a herbivore will send a cry for help from carnivores.
Waldman and Newberg say that a new field of study, plant neurobiology is finding out all kinds of fascinating facts about what we typically consider lowly plant life.
Plants can communicate through their roots and form relationships with microorganisms. Noting the hormonal and chemical qualities in plants, the writers say the language of plants is called biosemiotics. I just wrote that word and my spell check says it is wrong because the programmed consciousness within my computer is not familiar with that word.
“…the plants may actually exhibit a form of intelligence similar to animals,” they write.
So this somehow makes me think of vegetarians who can sometimes appear smug as they avoid eating meat. And yet they are eating something that is similar to animals in its ability to communicate and adapt…. And they are eating it alive if it is in its raw state.
This whole idea of consciousness being integral to everything is something to ponder.
And all of that consciousness of course at its center has a contact point with God, who is thinking all of us and all of it into existence.

 Mon 17 of Oct, 2011    Mon 17 of Oct, 2011 23:27 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 921
Where Did the Love Come From?
This has been a busy summer at the Pond Institute in La Junta.
People come, people go.
But the books stay on the shelves forever. Or just about.
As you recall I wandered to the Ponderosa last April to volunteer for data entering the extensive books Dale Pond has collected and which fill a sizeable room.
The shelves are overflowing with books that spill out onto the floor and onto shorter shelves and on top of and inside boxes.
Working only a few hours a week, I started on Bookshelf 3 and am now just finishing up Bookshelf 6, more than five months later.
I will never forget a feeling that would sometimes come over me the first few weeks I worked here.
It was pure love enveloping me and enfolding me.
It has not happened lately and perhaps that is because love is what I needed then and my reservoir has been filled a little.
But only this week did I start to wonder what that love feeling was all about.
When you read Dale Pond Speaking, a booklet available at the institute bookstore site, you discover that people, especially women have felt overwhelming love when they get near Atlin. It can be very emotional for them.
I confess the first few times near Atlin I felt nothing when I extended my hands near it…. And I wondered what the people around me were doing.
Now, when I extend my hands I can feel warmth and it varies by location around the sphere. Some times I can feel that warmth farther out from the sphere…. Maybe ten inches or so. Some can feel it much farther away, and of course some feel the love coming from Atlin.
Now, when I enter the Atlin room I put out my hands and the warmth is like a greeting between us.
But to get back to that love feeling.
I now wonder if during my early days here when I was doing my humble detail work if it was Atlin that reached out down the hall through a few walls and gave me what I needed just then. I can not explain it otherwise, unless Dale was doing meditation somewhere and included me in his mental work.
And I suppose I am not on the receiving end any more because I need to work on sending love, the underlying sympathetic vibration that holds the universe and all within it together.
If you are not too acquainted with the Pond Institute and what it is about. A good place to start is Dale Pond Speaking.
His speaking in the book helped me understand where the love may have come from back in April and May. And the book will give you a little more insight into Dale Pond, his thoughts and his work.
And if you want to drop by and want something to do…. A few thousand more books are here for processing. Many hands make light work.
But if you can’t make it here in person, then reading the various items Dale has for sale will let you get started on the world of Russell and Keely.

 Tue 11 of Oct, 2011    Wed 03 of Oct, 2012 13:41 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 900
Scalar Wave Ethics
Matt Presti and Robert Otey have put together a series of interviews with Dale Pond discussing the various aspects of free energy research and sympathetic vibrations.
In part 7, found on You Tube, Dale talks about scalar wave technology. He emphasizes it can be used for good or bad.
I have no doubt that I saw a negative application of scalar technology a few years ago on the plains of southeastern Colorado.
I was covering a school board meeting in McClave and they were one member short of having a quorum. So I stepped outside for some fresh air in the early evening with the sun still shining in the west.
To east was what Las Animas preacher Dick Pritchard called a “spectacular storm formation.” He saw it as he drove to his church services in nearby Hasty.
A large thunderstorm system was flickering in the sky just east of Lamar, which was east of where I was standing.
What stopped me dead in my tracks was the strange sight in front of me.
Take a sheet of lined paper and turn it sideways so the lines go up and down. I saw a strange vertical sheet of cloud directly in front of me. It had maybe 12 perfectly straight black lines which sectioned off what appeared to be a very thin sheet cloud rising straight up. At the top the white with black lines column turned out away from the storm like a slightly fluted vase.
I then saw similar black lined vertical formations to the south and southeast. There were more columns like this rising to the north and northeast.
I assumed they continued around on the far side of the storm, where the view was blocked by the thunderstorm. The columns seemed to be of differing widths and did not appear to be evenly spaced around the storm system. But it appeared that they were on a path that formed a perfect circle around the storm.
For some reason I did not think of retrieving the camera in my car and taking a photo. A friend said that could why I am alive today, not be to be paranoid though. And I did not call the other board members out to witness this strange event.
I did finally go in for a few minutes and then came back outside and the high strangeness had disappeared.
What happened about that same time was that the powerful storm system had started to collapse but weather scientists later said it began to reform after 15 minutes. That seemed to mystify them.
From the reborn storm a very powerful tornado erupted and it was very unusual. It was a bit early in the tornado season, it was category 4, an unusually strong twister for the plains of eastern Colorado, and it persisted on the ground a long time and traveled for miles.
It damaged the town of Holly and killed a woman there.
A day or two later there was a storm watch class in Las Animas and the weather service technicians who were giving the presentation came from Holly, where they had spent the day studying the damage and storm track.
Holly is located on the fringe of several national weather tracking radars. It was the ideal place to test a scalar weapon system and I firmly believe that is what happened that evening.
A mind force was being tested as a weapon force. And that is what Dale Pond warns about in his question and answer sessions on You Tube. The mind force is neutral in that it can be applied positively and negatively.
It will be far better if the underlying Mind Force is harnessed by good people for beneficial use.

 Fri 05 of Aug, 2011    Fri 05 of Aug, 2011 09:26 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 1149
Shamanism...and Bonded Prayer
Four days last week were a special blessing for me.
Dale Pond and many of his friends were away at the Tesla Conference in New Mexico. The blessing was not that they were away, but that I got to house sit at what I now call the Ponderosa.
Imagine having a spacious, three story former school building to roam around in on hot summer days.
But it turned out I did a lot of sleeping and resting instead.
I would read a while from books in the library, then take a nap. Meditate a while, then take a nap.
Apparently what I needed was some mind and soul rest to offset the hot sultry summer that has smothered southeastern Colorado following a mostly pleasant spring.
I clearly like the material world, and being in it, and writing about it. Many years of newspaper reporting, interspersed with long stints of public relations work and then media monitoring (fancy way of saying managing a newspaper clipping service) has immersed me in the milieu of life, triumphs and tragedy along with the soothing practice of everyday community journalism.
But Dale and new friends Robert Otey and Matt Presti challenge me to rise to a higher consciousness. And then there is Ja’ Na, who is a healer and medium.
My four day retreat gave me some direction. Without consciously looking for it.
One day Ja’Na, who is house guesting at the Ponderosa, wanted to go to a local thrift store and I drifted along. There, for 75 cents I picked up a mystery for light summer reading, an anthology of somewhat recent quantum physics thought, and finally The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner.
I have been looking for a way to raise consciousness and gain greater insight, and Harner explains most Shamans do so without resorting to psychedelic drugs, as he did in South America when he was introduced to the potentially lethal distillation of ayahuasca vines and cawa leaves.
Drumming and rattles is much more common world wide. How simple. One reservation I have always had about seeking enlightenment is my skepticism about much of an altered state is simply chemical mind stimulation, and not Truth.
But the reliance of drumming makes all the more sense to me, since the universe was created by what I call the Big Hum.
All is sound and vibration.
In closing, let us not forget the power of prayer.
Another book I dipped into during my retreat was Miracles in the Void by Brian O’Leary. Not to be confused with acid dropping Tim O’Leary.
One night I tried to watch a CD documentary on a long ongoing study at Princeton University on how consciousness can influence machines.
But this documentary was just talking heads and the presentation to me the journalist was not nearly as exciting as the subject that lay at the heart of the talk talk talk.
However, O’Leary, alluded to the same Princeton studies when he noted the power of consciousness, especially when applied by people in harmony, such as a committed couple. Princeton found two souls who are linked magnify their conscious intentions.
O’Leary wrote:
The “…most effective transformational tool will be teams of bonded people who surrender themselves to a Divine will to resonate with the intentions of the universe.”
And that is a powerful idea to bring back from my retreat at the Ponderosa.

 Mon 01 of Aug, 2011    Mon 01 of Aug, 2011 22:20 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 923
Seasons Change....
Dale Pond’s Institute has indeed been hopping in recent weeks, as he reports this week.
If you have an important skill to contribute or would like to donate a tidy sum of money to help the cause, hint, hint, you might consider a visit to La Junta, Colorado to meet Dale if you have not already. Dale already has an extensive and varied list of friends from all over the world. And when winter began to wane and spring arrived I began to see more and more how he is linked to the world from this quiet and historic town along the Santa Fe Trail.
When I was in elementary and middle school, I visited a relative’s large sheep and cattle ranch on the Montana plains for three summers. Looking back, what struck me was how people found their way to the ranch each summer from nearby Utah as well as far off New York, Canada and of course, the Old World. The Murnion clan was anything but isolated from the world.
And Dale is the same way. Every day his mind is in contact with people globally. Sometimes to transact a sale, other times to share or give knowledge or information. I often hear his busy cell phone ringing away. (Feel free to visit the book store and make a purchase. There's so much knowledge there, and so little time to waste getting to it.)
Arriving Friday to do my humble cataloging, I was diverted outdoors to do a modest amount of brush trimming along the street, where Robert Otey had not reached due to extension cord limitations. So I got out my hedge clippers and chain saw and cord from my car trunk and cut back the branches that extended into the street. I was making a weak effort to make up for not showing up Tuesday, as expected.
I put in half an hour and had to marvel at the extensive brush and tree cutting Robert had already accomplished the previous few days in heat that got into triple digits on Tuesday. Otey was a hands-on volunteer who got a needed job done. The result was impressive, I could actually now see through the trees and shrubs. Trimmings remained piled everywhere along the curbside for eventual removal.
After my chain got stuck and fell off and I had essentially completed a measly 40 feet or so of brush, I considered that Divine Will and retreated indoors to my comfort zone of book cataloging in the library.
Maybe two hours later when I was expecting to close down and go off to lunch, Ja’na dropped by to say that lunch would be late. Another free meal? Ja’na has truly been a blessing to the institute. While Dale is a good host and chef himself, Ja’na has assumed much of the mid-day cooking, which has freed Dale to contemplate and work on his higher calling.
And that is another parallel to the Montana ranch, by the way. My Aunt Rose Ellen never knew if there would be four or fourteen for lunch any given day. Some days I saw people just suddenly appear around lunch time, I never knew who they all were, but some were county workers and others were neighbors or buyers. They would show up, expecting to be fed. My Aunt would simply send me out to the root cellar to grab another bottle or two of home-canned beef and more potatoes would be peeled to stretch the meal.
Ja’na can cook for a few or a crowd too. It does not phase her. And her cooking I have to say is much more flavorful than our basic Irish meat and potatoes fare. But she makes it look as easy as Aunt Rose Ellen did. (So did my late Uncle Dick, who was a Navy chef on an aircraft carrier before he retired and ended up making those food displays you used to see on the original Love Boat. In fact, one episode of that series was dedicated to Dick Reilly in his memory.)
So there is no more pleasant sound than that of a Buddhist type bell ringing through the institute, calling one and all to dinner.
The quiet somewhat empty institute when I first started dropping by has now shaken off the rest of winter and is now filled with activity and motion and contemplation and spirited conversation and happy bantering.
What I perceived as a quiet spell has come to an end and the Institute is now building energy for the new tasks and goals that are before Dale now and to come in the future.
While the setting is not the same as that in the Guess Who Classic “No Time“, some of the words are appropriate.
“Seasons change and so did I …. You need not wonder why.”

 Sat 09 of Jul, 2011    Sat 09 of Jul, 2011 17:50 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 947
The Pond Science Institute was visited last week by some high energy Texans who came to visit Dale Pond, discuss science and socialize and have fun for a few days.
When they left for spiritual destinations in the Southwest, Ja’na remained behind to linger at the Pond Institute a few days to learn more about it. (Ja’na is pronounced Juh Nay.)
One of the first lessons that was reinforced was synchronicity.
When I walked in Friday morning I was returning a few books Dale had loaned me. These books are channeled information written down by Leah LaChapelle, also of Texas. Dale had wanted me to peruse the books and get up to speed a little and tell him what I thought of them.
Well, Ja’na picked up the first overview book and began turning the pages. She suddenly saw a photo of Ms. LaChapelle.
The weekend before Ja’na had been at a meeting with Ms. LaChapelle and had participated by giving “a little class”.
“It was a lot of fun. They were beautiful, open people,” she recalled.
She said it was like she then went to sleep and woke up Monday - “And I was here,” Ja’na noted, referring to her arrival at the Pond Institute.
After the traveling party left, Ja’na settled down and has been looking through the materials Dale has available at the Institute.
She was reading “Spirit Messages from John Keely, Atlin and Others” ($8.00. Available in the svpbookstore.com)
Ja’na was also handed a copy of “Universal laws Revealed: Keely’s Secrets ( $75.00. Available in the svpbookstore.com )
However, she confesses that booklet is heavy into engineering and science and has been a little more difficult to absorb, but then it is more intended for the scientific mind.
Ja’na has been a medical intuitive for 20 years and is now branching into some other practices to further broaden her knowledge and experience.
She came into this line of service through serendipity. Injured in a car wreck years ago, she had lingering pain and trauma from that experience.
“After seven doctors and pain for three years and being at death’s door, someone said: ‘Go to the herb lady’ and I was healed.”
The woman had tested Ja’na at the body level and suggested some herbs. Intrigued, Ja’na began studying this too and became a practitioner. She teaches Six Sense to people so they know how to test themselves and seek an appropriate treatment.
“I test at the body level to help them find balance for issues. I test the subconscious level for emotional issues -- stress diffusion.. And I test at higher consciousness levels for spiritual issues.
In her practice, Ja’na suggests herbs, oils, flower essences and radionics when indicated.
“It all boils down to frequency,” she believes, which is also a focus of study at the Pond Institute. Dale Pond has concluded the underlying structure of the universe is based on vibration. Light, gas, solids -- all are manifestations of vibration in varying frequencies.
“It comes down to choices. Frequency. The vibration of whatever you need to heal yourself,” Ja’na said.
And that is why she has lingered at the Institute a while before returning to Texas. She is interested in what the Institute teaches about vibration in its various forms and effects.
Ja’na was available for readings and one person came down from Boulder to visit with her. She also tested a few local people.
She suggested that anyone interested in learning more about self healing may also Google for Quantum K, which offers a free 23- minutes experience to, as the site suggests, “take a step forward on your personal healing journey.”

 Mon 20 of Jun, 2011    Mon 20 of Jun, 2011 09:42 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 968
I am currently cataloging thousands of books at the Pond Institute. Music, acoustics, vibration, healing, the Great Octave symbolized in the Grand Chamber of the Great Pyramid, if I remembr that correctly, Thomas Edison, are among some of the many topics already recorded and ahead of me are many more subjects: Cayce, Findhorn, Keely, miracles, mind and a host of other wide ranging topics.
So it is mind boggling to figure out where to start wrapping my mind around all the information that is here....and already in Dale Pond's head.
That is why my first purchase in Dale's online bookstore was Dale Pond Speaking Freely.
Now, this week I just went through my second purchase, Atlin...Knowing I AM.
Let me say that I have written thousands of pieces for daily and weekly newspapers and a few articles for magazines. Just a journeyman jounalist, my fall back skill whenever times got tough. So I have to give praise where due. Dale is a really good writer. A writer's writer.
I enjoyed Dale's way of relating the ups and downs, the highs and lows of his efforts to bring Atlin into reality from some sometimes hazy notes and diagrams first created by John Keely.
I found the anecdotes interesting, the observations insightful and the conclusions transcendant.
If knowledge is the mind of the Pond Institute, then Atlin is its heart.
Read this 80-some page spiral bound booklet, and you too will start to have a better grasp of what Pond Institute is all about, if you are still unsure.
Though many of you - and 2,000 people visit the Wiki site every day - already seem tuned in. For those of you, like me, who are taking a little longer....this booklet on Atlin is a good way to stroke the mind...and stretch the soul.
Browse through the bookstore...and see if something else catches your interest if this one does not. So much to learn...and what's holding us back?
Dale has already covered a lot of ground. If we read him, we will save some time on our own quest.
 Sat 04 of Jun, 2011    Sat 04 of Jun, 2011 23:14 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 954
Where To Begin
A new visitor - volunteer at the Pond Science Institute, I was quickly overwhelmed by the wide array of ideas Dale Pond is pondering. Vibrations. Energy. Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. Healing. Atlin. John Keely. Mind. Consciousness. Liberty. Law.

I figured a good place to start was to cough up $20 and buy a general over view -- "Dale Pond: Speaking Freely". You can find this spiral bound collection of Pond's internet essays in the catalog.

One haunting image is Dale describing how he was trying to open up Atlin, the Dynasphere he has at the Institute, to show its inner workings to a group in Denver a few years ago. Usually the cover opened easily. This time it would not budge. Stopping short of just breaking it, Dale realized this usual routine function of opening up the Dynasphere was "something not to be permitted."

Pond is fortunate to have a friend, Dawn Stranges, who "channels to the higher realms" for the project.

Stanges asked Atlin why Dale had been thwarted during the demonstration, and Atlin told her:

"Would you cut open a small girl to show her heart working?"

That essay, "Atlin on the Road", is among many in this 144-page booklet. By itself it was worth the price of the booklet. It is revealed that a free energy machine made in a certain way can become a host for consciousness, just like our bodies host our soul, our spirit.

And now I want to learn more and more.....
 Sat 21 of May, 2011    Sun 22 of May, 2011 05:46 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 963
A liberal arts and business generalist, Dan hangs around the Pond Science Institute as a low-level volunteer. He listens and observes.... like a quiet fly on the wall. This blog is on two levels. It reflects what is seen and heard. Sometimes it may reflect on what is seen and heard...or matters related. A reflection can be passive or active. Words have nuances of meaning. The Pond Institute has many nuances, Dan is finding out. The thinking that goes on at the Institute by Dale and his visitors can be very profound. Dan is less so, and thus this blog is a way of trying to understand what is going on in this place, where the common dances with the cosmic.
 Sat 21 of May, 2011    Sat 21 of May, 2011 18:37 MDT   Dan Cunningham  0 932
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