What Love Feels Like

Resonance: What Love Feels Like

Imagine yourself in a great concert hall, sitting in a comfortable chair with thousands of people around you, listening as you listen, to a great singer. The singer is standing on the edge of the stage in front of you, and the colored lights are deep-hued and full and cross over before and behind one another dramatically. The bright, gay colors of the singers clothes go together in a striking ensemble. The colors compliment each other in a surprising but pleasing way. Perhaps there is a backdrop of every color of the rainbow.

The singer is singing a ballad or aria with heart breaking honesty. The lyrics grab your attention and pull you along. Every new word seems to fit in perfectly with the ones before it. The words are like poetry, with a hidden rhythm and melody all their own which makes an aesthetic counterpoint to the melody. Beneath this melody you notice the rich, well tuned accompaniment, whose vibrations are soothing to the body and the ear.

The singer is one you have known for a long time and have followed their progress with interest and empathy, as you both now go through the story that the ballad now tells. You feel as if you have gone through their life as well as your own. You feel the giddiness of their success and the chill of their failures. Now through the microphones and their precision-tuned resonators come the dramatic moment in the song. The singer holds the highest note and moves into the rich "head tones," opening up the inner body in full surrender to the music, so you can almost hear the overtones. The word is "LOVE" and the musical note is one pure love as well. The sound of the word "love" echoes off the walls and seems to reverberate into your ears and into deepest space.

Suddenly you realize with all your heart what the writer of the song was going through at the time it was written and you begin to cry, not out of sadness, but out of amazement and wonder that the walls have fallen between you and someone you never met. You found one small way that you are just like that person, like two little children who meet and find they have the same name. Then you realize that the thousands of other people in the room are experiencing the same song as you are at the exact same moment, and there is this one way that you are just like them too. You feel a tangible vibration of love between yourself and them. You feel the adjustment happening as all of you begin to get into tune with each other. The difference between the thousands of people melt away, and you begin to feel your heart open up like a door to the world of your dreams.

The singer ends the song with a bow. It is the end of the concert, and the audience jumps to its feet as one body and applauds and cheers. You feel yourself floating as if in an ocean of love and move along with the audience. The energy transports you to another world.

Has this ever happened to you? If any part of this is familiar to you, you have experienced resonance.

There is resonance in the lights and the colors of the performers outfit and the colors of the back drop. There is resonance in the sound of the accompanying instruments as the vibrating strings set the sounding board in motion, and resonance in the echoes of the hall. There is resonance between the words to the song. There is resonance within your ear and in your mind when you hear and understand a song. There is a different kind of resonance in the head and throat and body of the singer and in the inner workings of the microphone and a resonance the singer creates with the audience, the way a bell will set other bells to ringing.

And what is the audience goes out whistling the tunes? Then in a sense they set the whole world into song.

And sometimes we feel a resonance with the universe, and we perceive our own energy system as being plugged into the whole universal system and it feels like love, but it is impersonal and unconditional. Resonance is all these things, but more than anything else, it is what love feels like.

Resonance of this kind, like love, exists on many levels and in many different forms. There is an earthly resonance between lovers when the fiery light of passion is ignited in them. There is the resonance of the emotions when we feel concern for another person. There is a resonance of minds when we find someone whose questions are our own and whose sense of wonder and imagination sparks our own curiosity and understanding about life. And of course, there is a resonance between each of us as a purely spiritual entity. All souls are sparks of God, and if we consciously tune into that level of pure energy, we find an infinite supply of love and blessings available to us. After all, these sparks of energy exist in sound and light and vibration and are always in communication with the whole via the cosmic sound current. So who is there in the human form that is not soul in disguise, and who it there that we cannot love? What is needed is to become soul consciously, to become that being which is, moves and has its being in God.

Resonance is also the name of a magazine devoted to beauty of all kinds. Beauty in all the arts, in nature, science, ideas, but most of all, in people. And the thing that is in people that puts the beauty there and puts the curiosity there, the concern for others and the passion, is the spark of love called Soul. Soul does all this through our various vehicles; the mind, the emotions, and the body. And when soul commands the body to pick up the pen, the brush or the instrument, the beauty seeps out into the world, and Resonance collects it up as an offering to the Supreme Listener of the universe on behalf of all who wish to serve. Whatever your name for this spark of being some call God, we invite you to join us on our journey, our quest to explore the far reaches of the world of Resonance.

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