Our Toe Nail Fungus Solution

Our Toe Nail Fungus Solution

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This powerful yet mild disinfectant solution was developed because I could not find a ready made solution that actually worked, was affordable and had no side effects. This solution addresses all those issues. It works. It is affordable. It has no side effects.

Apply the solution EVERY day at least once per day. Soak the entire nail especially the root (surrounding cuticle) and open toe nail end. Allow time for the solution to penetrate. Let it soak then dry in situ maybe 5-10 minutes. It takes time for the new nail to replace the old nail which is damaged. So patience is required to see it through to beautiful healthy new nails.

"The toenail fungus solution works!
I was a bit lazy with the protocol as time went on, but I saw its positive effects and benefits." JP

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