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"I will say to you again, there is only one thing that is really going on. That is the expression of the Mind of God, and that expression is recognizable as being only peaceful, only harmonious and in a constant state of unconditional love. And when, in your mind, you experience any thought that is not reflective of these traits, then you are experiencing an illusion of truth. That is why my suggestion to you was to vow to choose only those things that brought you peace. Because it will be through the practice of this that you will more closely align your thinking to reality. And it will be that process that will change your patterns of thinking to become more closely aligned with your natural thought processes which are truly reflective of the Mind of God. It will be through the establishing of this parallel process that you will make the transition and take the final step to join with your natural Self, and in that joining recognize the truth that you never left." [Dialogue on Awakening, 3rd edition, page 19-20]

"Do you want a definition of being Awake versus being asleep? You've just got it. It is only that; it is your acceptance of the recognition of who you are. And there is obviously nothing to do to attain that except believe it. So whatever process you may ask for or concoct for yourself, it is a process with but this one goal; making you believe what you know to be true." Dialogue on Awakening page 24

"There is only one thing to remember and that is you are already awake .. you simply refuse to believe it. And it is in this refusal that you remain in the domain of limitations." A Dialogue on Awakening, 4th edition page 37

"You are Awake at this moment. The totality of your Being is well aware of who it Is. To convince the limited aspect you have made and identified yourself as being – which I call the ego – that it is, in fact, Awake will be arrived at through whatever means the ego allows." A Dialogue on Awakening, 4th edition page 99

"Your desire [for awakening] forms the foundation for this happening. It is this desire, which I call a decision, that is the key element in that which you term "seeking." It will be this decision that will provide the constant encouragement for you to continue to open up your thinking to greater possibilities. What you are doing each time you simply accept the notion that there is something more to be experienced is creating a little void, a little niche within that thought system that allows new information to be experienced.

"That which you are is omnipresent; that which you think you are is fragmented or isolated. Each new idea that opens your mind heals the sense of isolation, expanding your willingness to more clearly see that which is present. I remind you that when you use the term "seeking" it is well to remember that you already have it, and what you are attempting to do is to remove whatever veils currently cover it up." [Dialogue on Awakening, 3rd edition, page 109]

"You see, there is no depth to understanding. There is no distance between you and the acceptance of your Being. That too, is a vast misperception. To allow your thinking to dwell in this area would say to you it is possible to lengthen the distance between yourself and God. And I will tell you that is in no way possible. There is only your perception of how far away from your Self you are in any given moment, and at any given moment should you so choose to completely abandon your sense of isolation, and totally embrace your sense of being the extension of your Father, then it will be so and it will be so instantaneously.

"Do not dwell upon me as having been an example for you in light of my seemingly achieving what I did in a relatively short number of years. Your process and my process were different processes, but the results are inevitably the same. At the moment I chose to let go, I recognized that I had never left my Father's Home, and the moment you choose to let go - completely, totally - you will recognize the same. How each of us arrives at that point of allowing the decision to come is totally and utterly irrelevant. I did what needed best to be done for me to illustrate that fact, and you simply need to know that you are doing the same."

"I am no greater Son of God that you are. I occupy no special space in His Heart which is above and beyond that which you occupy." [Dialogue on Awakening, 3rd edition, page 134]

"Letting go of all concepts which contain limitation will allow your mind to be more receptive to the flooding in of the information, the memory, of who you truly Are." [Dialogue on Awakening, 3rd edition, page 155]

"You exist at this moment in the unchangeable state of perfection. It is in this state that you are clearly seen by your Father. What I am suggesting to you is a process that will allow you to let go of any current notions or misperceptions about yourself so that you may see yourself and those around you in the same way.

"I have said in A Course in Miracles that you are in a state of illusion. I use this word because it illustrates most graphically that you see yourself differently than you are seen by God. Truth is only seen through the eyes of God. When you do not look through these eyes, you will not see truth but only an illusion of truth. When you see your brother as needing changing, you will be seeing an illusion of who he is, just as you see an illusion of who you are. So as you attempt to engage in a process that says, "I will change him," you are only strengthening the illusion of how you already see him and you are teaching nothing to him or to yourself.

"There is but one thing for you to do. And that is to let go of the misperception of who you Are. When you look through the eyes of your natural Being, you will discover they are the eyes of God, and you will not see a flawed brother. And you will not see yourself as less than the perfection in which God created you.

"I would also like to explain this to you: the nature of God, the pattern in the Reality of all of Creation, is one of harmony, love and perfection. But that pattern exists only as an idea until it is experienced. And it is through you that this experience takes place. It is when you are in a state of understanding who you Are that the entire meaning of Creation becomes expressed. It becomes expressed because it has been experienced. That is why I say there is only one thing for you to do: know your Self. And in that knowing you will experience, and in that experience you will express, and what you will express is God and what God Is which is Love. What you will see then will be only Love, because you will only see what you can express, and you will only express what you can see. In the dream, you express a state of limitation because that is what you see; it is not what you Are. So I suggest that you change your vision. Let go of the misconceptions that you hold about yourself. Many times in your life you have heard in your mind, "Surrender to God." This is the meaning of that phrase: surrender to God's identification of You. Know your Self, and you will express God.

"Now, I will tell you one other thing. You are at this moment already doing precisely what I have described, but you are not doing it in a way that you recognize, and that is why I say that you are having a dream. You are having a dream about doing something else. Therefore, you see a misperception of yourself; you see your functioning in the dream as being real and therefore you do not see yourself as expressing God. And so I have used the term, "Wake up!"

"Wake up to understand that you have always been the expression of God, that you have always lived in a state of absolute harmony. Do not attempt to involve your intellect in an understanding of how something could appear to be so real and yet be called by me merely a "dream".

"There will be no understanding for it. And do not resist it, do not try to get out of it, do not think that by dying you will go from one place to another. There is no place for you to go. You are now at Home. You have always been at Home, and it will only be when you allow that recognition to dawn upon your mind that you will see it as being so. You will see the glory of God that has always been around you. You will the state of Love that you have always been in. But you will not see it if you resist it or try to make it so. Just give up the belief that it is not so.

"There is nothing else to do." [Dialogue on Awakening, 3rd edition, page 244-245]

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