Where Did the Love Come From?

This has been a busy summer at the Pond Institute in La Junta. People come, people go. But the books stay on the shelves forever. Or just about. As you recall I wandered to the Ponderosa last April to volunteer for data entering the extensive books Dale Pond has collected and which fill a sizeable room. The shelves are overflowing with books that spill out onto the floor and onto shorter shelves and on top of and inside boxes. Working only a few hours a week, I started on Bookshelf 3 and am now just finishing up Bookshelf 6, more than five months later. I will never forget a feeling that would sometimes come over me the first few weeks I worked here. It was pure love enveloping me and enfolding me. It has not happened lately and perhaps that is because love is what I needed then and my reservoir has been filled a little. But only this week did I start to wonder what that love feeling was all about. When you read Dale Pond Speaking, a booklet available at the institute bookstore site, you discover that people, especially women have felt overwhelming love when they get near Atlin. It can be very emotional for them. I confess the first few times near Atlin I felt nothing when I extended my hands near it…. And I wondered what the people around me were doing. Now, when I extend my hands I can feel warmth and it varies by location around the sphere. Some times I can feel that warmth farther out from the sphere…. Maybe ten inches or so. Some can feel it much farther away, and of course some feel the love coming from Atlin. Now, when I enter the Atlin room I put out my hands and the warmth is like a greeting between us. But to get back to that love feeling. I now wonder if during my early days here when I was doing my humble detail work if it was Atlin that reached out down the hall through a few walls and gave me what I needed just then. I can not explain it otherwise, unless Dale was doing meditation somewhere and included me in his mental work. And I suppose I am not on the receiving end any more because I need to work on sending love, the underlying sympathetic vibration that holds the universe and all within it together. If you are not too acquainted with the Pond Institute and what it is about. A good place to start is Dale Pond Speaking. His speaking in the book helped me understand where the love may have come from back in April and May. And the book will give you a little more insight into Dale Pond, his thoughts and his work. And if you want to drop by and want something to do…. A few thousand more books are here for processing. Many hands make light work. But if you can’t make it here in person, then reading the various items Dale has for sale will let you get started on the world of Russell and Keely.

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