Scalar Wave Ethics

Matt Presti and Robert Otey have put together a series of interviews with Dale Pond discussing the various aspects of free energy research and sympathetic vibrations. In part 7, found on You Tube, Dale talks about scalar wave technology. He emphasizes it can be used for good or bad. I have no doubt that I saw a negative application of scalar technology a few years ago on the plains of southeastern Colorado. I was covering a school board meeting in McClave and they were one member short of having a quorum. So I stepped outside for some fresh air in the early evening with the sun still shining in the west. To east was what Las Animas preacher Dick Pritchard called a “spectacular storm formation.” He saw it as he drove to his church services in nearby Hasty. A large thunderstorm system was flickering in the sky just east of Lamar, which was east of where I was standing. What stopped me dead in my tracks was the strange sight in front of me. Take a sheet of lined paper and turn it sideways so the lines go up and down. I saw a strange vertical sheet of cloud directly in front of me. It had maybe 12 perfectly straight black lines which sectioned off what appeared to be a very thin sheet cloud rising straight up. At the top the white with black lines column turned out away from the storm like a slightly fluted vase. I then saw similar black lined vertical formations to the south and southeast. There were more columns like this rising to the north and northeast. I assumed they continued around on the far side of the storm, where the view was blocked by the thunderstorm. The columns seemed to be of differing widths and did not appear to be evenly spaced around the storm system. But it appeared that they were on a path that formed a perfect circle around the storm. For some reason I did not think of retrieving the camera in my car and taking a photo. A friend said that could why I am alive today, not be to be paranoid though. And I did not call the other board members out to witness this strange event. I did finally go in for a few minutes and then came back outside and the high strangeness had disappeared. What happened about that same time was that the powerful storm system had started to collapse but weather scientists later said it began to reform after 15 minutes. That seemed to mystify them. From the reborn storm a very powerful tornado erupted and it was very unusual. It was a bit early in the tornado season, it was category 4, an unusually strong twister for the plains of eastern Colorado, and it persisted on the ground a long time and traveled for miles. It damaged the town of Holly and killed a woman there. A day or two later there was a storm watch class in Las Animas and the weather service technicians who were giving the presentation came from Holly, where they had spent the day studying the damage and storm track. Holly is located on the fringe of several national weather tracking radars. It was the ideal place to test a scalar weapon system and I firmly believe that is what happened that evening. A mind force was being tested as a weapon force. And that is what Dale Pond warns about in his question and answer sessions on You Tube. The mind force is neutral in that it can be applied positively and negatively. It will be far better if the underlying Mind Force is harnessed by good people for beneficial use.

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