Plants Talk

Atlin the musical dynasphere has a consciousness. I cannot say how it got there. Not sure if Dale can…. Or did I miss that part in his sayings book? But last summer I ran into one of Dale’s guests as he was literally leaving for the mountains after a brief stay at the Ponderosa in La Junta. We met in the science lab on the bottom floor and I mentioned to him that machines have a consciousness too and I referred to the large drill press that was nearby. The largest machine in the lab I think. Other than Dale’s mind. “Oh, you can sense it too?” he said, adding that he had felt it very strongly the night before. Actually, I had not specifically felt or experienced the consciousness in the drill press but I am thinking that even machines have a consciousness somehow related to the thought matrix that created them. Anyway, I wanted this particular guest who is reported to have very strong intuitive skills to talk to my Nissan Sentra to see if it had any thoughts to convey to me since we have spent considerable time together tooling around the country the past few years. But the visitor was gone before I could bring up my request. That all things seem to have a consciousness of some sort is affirmed in this month’s Science of Mind magazine. Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg, M. D., write a monthly science and spirituality column in Science of Mind. They note that fungi can “lie, cheat, retaliate and withhold oxygen from a selfish mate.” I did not know that a fungus can have a mate. But that is irrelevant to the higher knowledge of what a fungus can do. Act almost human. The two further point out that a plant such as a sagebrush when being eaten by a herbivore will send a cry for help from carnivores. Waldman and Newberg say that a new field of study, plant neurobiology is finding out all kinds of fascinating facts about what we typically consider lowly plant life. Plants can communicate through their roots and form relationships with microorganisms. Noting the hormonal and chemical qualities in plants, the writers say the language of plants is called biosemiotics. I just wrote that word and my spell check says it is wrong because the programmed consciousness within my computer is not familiar with that word. “…the plants may actually exhibit a form of intelligence similar to animals,” they write. So this somehow makes me think of vegetarians who can sometimes appear smug as they avoid eating meat. And yet they are eating something that is similar to animals in its ability to communicate and adapt…. And they are eating it alive if it is in its raw state. This whole idea of consciousness being integral to everything is something to ponder. And all of that consciousness of course at its center has a contact point with God, who is thinking all of us and all of it into existence. .

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