three poles

from Dawn Stranges

Hello, my friends. A welcome to dear hearts. I am speaking to you about the hearts, because that was the question raised, and because it is the best focus one can have in life.

To begin with, the Heart runs the show. Most people think it is their head, their brain or their mind that decides what happens and directs activity. It is not. A realized mind is composed of head, heart and gut, just as Rudolf Steiner said. Again we see the threes; this time in the threefold person (two poles and Heart in the middle; thinking - feeling - willing; cool - neutral - hot; nerve/sense-rhythmic-metabolic limb systems.

The regulator of the whole system is the Heart. It is the Neutral Center, the basis from which all direction is generated. It represents the place from which we relate, and the very nature of its flavor and outcome. It is the point of center at which, if all is balanced, the nodal points of the waves from top to bottom and bottom to top intersecting.

When the three poles or oscillators are relating flowingly via the Heart, there is a Neutral Center created which is established at the Heart. Given sufficient training/experience/acceptance of karmic grace, the Heart Chakra opens and becomes the nodal point between the poles (Heaven & Earth). When this occurs, the whole system changes and in less than an instant, all systems align as One. Another way to think of this is entrainment, which has also been written about.

In any case, when this shift happens (it is really a phase change), fear vanishes and the whole system serves Oneness or Love. The system becomes centropic at that point, and is fed by the ether, or more precisely is at One with it, using it and generating it at the same time.

For your information, when this happens in a human it is Enlightenment; when it happens in a dynasphere, it is rotation.

So, it is laser-like, cohesive, Love, scalar, non-local etheric force that is the goal toward which we evolve. When I communicate "we", I include myself. In order for any part of the network to evolve, its counterparts must oblige. Thus, we must first identify the network.

My network is your network. It is not only you, but those with whom you relate. That is because my Heart or Neutral Center is defined by my relatedness with others, as is yours. To function at fullest capacity, it is ideal to create a network. This establishes Field Coherence. Six Good Hearts would be a wonderful start. It would provide a supportive network which can provide a strong foundation for further development. Who will provide a Good Heart?

This is enough to think about (with your Heart) right now. We will speak again very soon. Bring questions! I love that! [Atlin]

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