nucleal center

Term used by Russell to denote the point in a wave of maximum opposition, 4++. Taken to be the same as Keely's Neutral Center and center of focalization.

"Centripetal, closing spirals pack accumulating mass more closely together into vortices which are ever whirling toward the apices of ever shortening cones.

"The whirling vortices of closing spirals of opposing cones become nucleal centers of maximum integration and maximum resistance to integration."

"They [nucleal centers] are the gravitative centers of forming systems.

"They [nucleal centers] are the focusing points toward which all charging light units of increasing potential, and integrating mass "fall," and become absorbed as heat units of potential energy; and away from which all discharging light units of lowering potential and disintegrating mass rise and are radiated as heat emanations." [Russell, The Universal One, page 132]

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