holes of space

"With this necessary prelude finished we will now proceed to build true concepts as a basis for your comprehension of God and His process for creating the pairs of units of divided light in motion, which are known as matter. So fully has science been deceived by the illusions of motion that it has built up a great field of its own in the scientific world which is commonly known as nuclear physics. As its name implies this concept is based upon the belief that the atom is held together from its inside by a nucleus, and that nucleus is composed of certain particles which act upon each other in some mysterious and unexplained way to hold themselves together and cause oppositely charged particles, known as electrons, to revolve around them. These electrons supposedly revolve in shell-like layers around the nucleus. By adding one more electron to each element it becomes the next element in the series.

There are no particles, or groups of particles, which hold the atom together as nuclei. Gravity does not work that way. All creating matter is centered by holes of space except one element in each octave. The Energy of Creation centers each hole. That centering, invisible, omnipotent Energy is God's Mind and your Mind. Naturally you cannot see it, but you can KNOW it, for it is your Identity, and your intelligence. It is the Source of your creations as it is the Source of all Creation. That is what Jesus meant when He told man that the kingdom of heaven is within. That, also, is what He meant when he said: "My Father and I are ONE." [Atomic Suicide, page 104-105]

Swirling Vortex around Neutral Centering Shaft

Figure 2.13 - Swirling Vortex around Neutral Centering Shaft

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