heat life

"Each of the billions of nebulae and suns in the heavens is one of those giant cataclysms which must divide itself and die a heat death. They split up into other fireballs which, in

[p. 156]

turn die a heat death. All matter dies a centrifugally dividing heat death, but it also lives a centripetally multiplying heat life. Heat is a condition which is necessary to the creation of life in inorganic matter and organic as well. But heat is also necessary to create death. Matter would never disappear if it could be kept cold enough. Matter can die and disappear only by accumulating enough heat to consume itself. The cathode beginning of matter is an immeasurable low degree of heat. The anode ending of matter is an immeasurably high degree of heat. Flame is the maximum consumer of matter. All matter is self-consuming but its creation is an effort of its Creator. The Creator gives, but that which He gives must be regiven. That is law, and law must be fulfilled. Fulfillment is automatic, however. It is self-motivated by explosion from within itself. Flame is self-explosive but the heat which created the flame is a compressive effort. [Atomic Suicide, page 155-156]

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