giving and regiving

"This is the universe of The Imaginer Who builds forms in the image of His imagining for giving and regiving in cyclic intervals, which unknowing man calls life and death." [Atomic Suicide - Fig 6]

You should plainly see by this time that the intent of Creation is to dramatize the Idea of Love, by expressing it in action and reaction. Love is one idea, the One Idea of Creation. To express Love the Idea must be divided into separated halves. To fulfill Love the two halves must be united as one. Halves of one must be equal, therefore, their actions and reactions must be equal and simultaneously created. The only action which can express Love is the action of giving. The only equal and opposite of giving is regiving. The One is divided - the two divisions simultaneously exist. If the action of giving extends from one it equally and simultaneously extends from the other. If equal giving and regiving of each half are simultaneously expressed the product of that fulfillment is Love." [Atomic Suicide, page 205]

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