White Light of Mind

"God's Oneness is imaged in the elements of matter. Carbon is the consummate element beyond which there is no possibility of extension, even as the cube or sphere cannot possibly be extended. The suns of the heavens are incandescent carbon. The still White Light of Mind centers carbon and unites its male-female pair as ONE. All other elements are in carbon and are incandescent in God's suns which are the seed for His universal garden of living things. All things are always carbon when incandescent, no matter how they may be divided for enfoldment in the womb of creating things to become a violet, a willow twig or body of man. No matter what these may be their residue left over from white heat is carbon - only carbon, the ONE THING of all matter. All things in Nature spring from their patterned seed which is their concept in the White Light of Mind. The seed is the Oneness of the uncountable many which unfold from it and refold into it." [Atomic Suicide, page 118]

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