White Light

Opposite of Black Light. White Light is centralizing Light while Black Light is decentralizing Light. White Light of undifferentiated Mind, Neutral Center.

"God, the Creator is LIGHT - the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe." [Atomic Suicide? - Chapter 2 - How Radioactivity Kills, part 2 of 2]

God, the Creator is LIGHT - the invisible White Light of the undivided and unchanging Magnetic universe.

"In God's Creation He limits all motion to that point in compression where invisible white light has been reached between the two visible yellows of flame in fission state. When a sun has become a true sphere its center has reached the white invisible still point in the spectrum where motion has ceased. Up to that very point the inward speed of compression has multiplied to its limit of 186,400 miles per second. At that point also the sun has reached its maximum temperature. At that point also, there is but one center of gravity. Until then there are two. White light is always invisible, for it is always still. It could not be white otherwise. Any motion, whatsoever, would be visible as yellow.

The point which we wish to emphasize by the above is that when genero-activity has created a true sphere it also has created within it a white light of gravity to center it. It has also created its maximum speed and maximum temperature. It can go no farther. The Creator has consummated His Creation. He has given all He has to give. One half of His Law of Love has been fulfilled. Up to that point The Einstein Equation of 1905 fits perfectly. It fully accounts for the mathematics of life, but not for death. The other half of the Law of Love must now be fulfilled. That which has been given must be equally regiven. The balanced rhythm of this universe must not be upset. For this reason that which has been must be repeated in reverse, to void that which has been, for neither life nor death can end or begin. They can only be repeated, and when they are repeated they do so through each other." [Atomic Suicide, page 35-36]

"If the above paragraph seems strange to you it is because it has not yet been realized that positive material bodies of white light are but MULTIPLIED thought-bodies - and that negative thought-bodies of black light are but divided material bodies." [Russell, Home Study Course]

(Q) What do you mean by white light?
(A) "The machine where there is the equalizing of the color vibrations for the vital forces of the body, - which are considered or called the white light treatment." [Cayce (1158-19)]

"Keep in the way that is arising before thee, more and more. And as ye open thy consciousness to the Great Consciousness within, there will arise more and more the white light. For He is the light, and the life - eternal. [Cayce (987-4)]

Also Undifferentiated Mind, Light.

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