Tesla messages

Tesla messages

12/9/96: (TESLA) (On discussion concerning rotating fieldless and magnet-less armature.) "Sublimated iron particles in suspension of iron around armature having Tyndall Effect. Floating on a sea of subtle force movements generated by celestial and terrestrial forces in the Fe/Space which resonates perfectly with one another. The suspension effects are as the cloud and weather flows above earth. Thus it is an etheric flux we speak of. This unnoted phenomena exists around many substances in different ways. For iron, it is a bipolar matrix. If one understands the nature of matrices, one can grow to understand and tap the etheric force fields which surround us.

The celestial is from far- not near-field source. The shaft conveys (when current is applied) a gravitational component."

by Dawn Stranges

Q.: Why does stripped armature work?
A.: This is a result of tertiary forces not suspected or factored by most of you. There is a sine wave generated by the dielectric.

Q.: Where is the dielectric?
A.: There is something in the ... around the armature.

Q.: Dielectric = the degasing of the metals; creation of toroidal field because of current; armature spins in reaction to spin of toroidal spin.

Q.: Substantially the same for musical sphere?
A.: Kepler's Law with ellipse from resonators;
intersection of ellipse and time;
electron in elliptical orbit;
rotate etheric gases which carries shell;
development of Self/Will as template.

Q.: How are points of intersection* made attractive?
A.: Linking to inner ellipse* by way of polarized etheric field and a pulsed magnetic field. This results from some electrical thing around the copper sphere and its movement. As in a pulsed (bumpy) EM field. Spin copper sphere to get an evoked magnetic response.

  • intersection of the elliptical with time.

Q.: Where are Keely’s lab notes and books?
A.: The lab notes have been impounded by the government in Knoxville, Tennessee (Y12, Oakridge); there is a great, grand cache of treasures secreted (parts, machines, devices such as Reich's microscopes used for military research Reich's papers which have been used as a basis for "offensive science"). That's enough. Knoxville has an entire "underground city" of historic and "highly sensitive" material and associated research.

Q.: How do we get access?
A.: Any barrier can fall or be dissociated using the positive will of the universe. The will of a critical mass number of people who are able to focus the Loving will of the universe is needed for this project. This is the true fulfillment of the Shamballa/Rainbow Warrior people.

Q.: Shamballa/Rainbow Warrior same as Dysan Chohan?
A.: Yes.

Q.: What is 'template'?
A.: The energetic structure you are building the ground work for is necessary 1) for your beings to comply with the task at hand; 2) for your time/space environment to be assisted in it's healing; 3) for all time/space/life to become more in harmony with the evolution toward increased order and peace. This will bring a new day [to the construct of reality to many people].

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