Tesla Medallion Testimonials

Tesla Medallion

Tesla Medallion

01/07/14 - "Just a quick note to let you know I received the medallions today, that was sure fast. They're beyond my expectations. Nice work on the design and production, very professional, better than the junk metal that comes from our own mints these days. Thank you, I appreciate it very much." TB

12/30/13 - "My Tesla Commemorative Medallions came today I'm pleased with the finish and the size." GR

12/30/13 - "Put up two Teslas on eBay and sold them both within a day." BD

12/27/13 - "I sold my first Tesla. I finally got one listed (on eBay) Christmas day...in an AirTite container with the COA and free shipping...for $12.50. It sold that evening."

11/13/13 - "It's beautiful! A worthy tribute to a deserving scientist. Kudos to the Pond Science Institute for creating such a wonderful medallion, a meaningful acknowledgement of the many contributions Tesla made, including helping us to see the light! Can't wait to view the next in the series and I look forward to owning the entire set."

11/09/13 - "I received my Medallions today and they're beautiful. Much nicer than I imagined they would be. Such a wonderful way to honor a man that was not only a profound, multi-dimensional person but a veritable genius that gave so much to the fields of engineering and physics. Thank you! Have a nice day!"

11/06/13 - Hi Dale,
"The Medallions arrived today. They look really great! Always loved the feel of a 1 ounce coin. Cool."

11/05/13 - "Wow they look really nice and have a really nice weight and feel. I wish the Russell ones were gaining more attention but maybe things will pickup when the Tesla deliveries kick in. Nice work Dale!"

11/04/13 - "Thank you so much! Just got them out of the mail...and they are really cool!" SW

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