Substance vs Pretty Pictures

I've noticed within the general public there appears to be a preference for pretty pictures instead of substance. This dynamic reminds me of the old Wendy's commercial that complains "where's the beef?"

The beef of course is the substance. It seems there are many selling the sizzle (pretty pictures) and and precious few offering the beef (substance). This is the same dynamic where in Texas they have a saying: "He's all hat and no cattle." Meaning he talks like a cattle rancher but has no cattle and probably no ranch either.

Other Synonyms: all bark and no bite; all bluff and bluster; all booster, no payload; all crown, no filling; all foam, no beer; all ham, no let; all hammer, no nail; all icing, no cake; all lime and salt, no tequila; all mouth and no trousers; all mouth and trousers; all shot, no powder; all sizzle and no steak; all talk; all talk and no action; all wax and no wick; all motion and no meat; all show, no go.

Sadly this dynamic is all over the Alternative or New Energy community. Not everyone but it is enough to make one wonder can't people see beyond the surface? Russell referred to this dynamic as seeing with the Mind instead of with the physical eyes (senses). The physical senses fool us but the Mind can perceive truth. The same dynamic permeates the political scene where silver tongued politicians speak marvels but deliver emptiness.

SVP has always endeavored to present the beef (substance) and refrains from promoting sizzle - pretty pictures and flowery presentations so often seen elsewhere. It is one thing to present a pretty picture and an entirely different thing to present the meaning of or in that picture. The picture is either a simple pretty picture having no real meaning or it is a picture representing meaning or significance a viewer might appreciate - if the meaning were made apparent in some way - usually explanatory text, voice over, animation, etc.

It is often true a picture can convey much more meaning than 10,000 words as is often stated. What would those words be? The old alchemists left us some beautiful pictures filled with symbolism but what do the pictures and symbols mean? One is obliged to read and study countless words in texts to derive the deeper meanings which occur after much application of Mind in contemplation. The pretty pictures satisfies the eyes but only meaning satisfies the Mind.

SVP encourages students to learn the difference between flowery speech/talk/sizzle that contains no real meaning and presentations of significance or meaning. Ordinarily this process of seeing beyond the hype/sizzle is called discernment by the use of neutral (non-reactive) observation, logic and reason - usually coupled with extensive background knowledge. Not everyone can do this but those who can are indeed blessed. Such ability takes one from illusion to Truth.

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