Nikola Tesla Earthquake Machine

Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine

Nikola Tesla's Earthquake Machine
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A book by Dale Pond and William Baumgartner reviewing Nikola Tesla's Mechanical Oscillator. Tesla claimed this was his greatest invention.

This is a manual on Nikola Tesla's original Earthquake Machine, the device Tesla called his "greatest achievement in the field of engineering". This machine is capable of attaining self-resonance and multiplying its own power. Manual contains the original patents and complete history of Tesla's experience as well as articles, lectures, theory of operation and construction blue prints for building an actual working unit. Also includes drawings and theory for a low-temperature phase change Solar Energy device developed by Dale Pond using Tesla's Oscillator as the core mechanism. This device is a synthesis of Tesla, Keely, Vortex, Carnot, Lee and contemporary engineering. If you've been waiting for hands-on building plans - this is it. Color photos available: see in catalog item PIC1298. This book replaces Tele-Geodynamics. Perfect Bound. 8.5" X 11" 145 pages. ISBN 1-57282-008-X

Available here: Nikola Tesla Earthquake Machine

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