Michael Riversong

Michael Riversong

Michael Riversong has been working as a researcher in advanced sciences since 1983. Experiences include volunteer with the International Tesla Society, conference photographer for Global Sciences, and assistant at ExtraOrdinary Technology conferences. He is most well known for his book, Design Ecology and over 30 albums of original music, a few of which are offered at Michael's web site http://home.earthlink.net/%7Erivedu/index.html.

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Michael Riversong made a peaceful transition into the Next Life at 6:50 p.m. Saturday, June 20th at Oakridge Assisted Living Facility in Fort Collins after battling severe Diabetes and its complications for many years. The days before his passing, Halcyon provided Hospice care, and he was visited and prayed for by many close friends and relatives. Just before he took his last breath, witnesses observed him look up at the ceiling and joyfully exclaim, “Yay! Yay!” One of his harp CDs was playing at the time, and a caregiver said, “It was one of the most peaceful deaths I’ve seen.” After devoting much of his life to creating peace and healing in the world, he is now at Peace and completely Healed!

He was born Michael George Doran on February 22, 1952, in Denver, Colorado, to Phyllis Marie Dierksen and George Joseph Doran. As a child, he was curious about everything and a voracious reader, a habit he kept throughout his life. He was an exceptional student, graduating with honors from Thornton High School in 1970. In 1974, he graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in Chinese Language, Anthropology, and Religious Studies. And then there was his music!

Michael came from a family of musicians, and his father played in the Cheyenne-based band “Jimmy Woodard and the Riders of the Western Plains”. He started out playing drums at the age of 8, and guitar when he was 12. As he got older, he learned to play several types of reed instruments, and later, the harp, for which he is most famous. His father gave him the equivalent of a master’s degree in music at home: theory, harmony, composition, and of course, performance. In 1982, he began intensive research into the health effects of music, which culminated in his creating the “7 Keys to Health” album series and guidebook.

In 1984, he chose his professional last name of “Riversong” and emerged as a multi-talented recording artist who performed throughout North America and Europe until the early 2000s when his health began failing. During that time, he released more than 30 albums of original music on which he played four different harps, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, balalaika, Appalachian dulcimer, steel guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion, recorders, and several Native American flutes. Most of his music was created for healing, well-being, meditation, and worship. True to his Irish father, he also released several albums of Celtic music. He contributed music scores to several video productions, and created a website called “Biblical Bards”, www.biblicalbards.org. A bard is a community resource person who integrates the arts of history, healing, and music in the service of humanity. But then, almost everything Michael did was in the service of humanity! During his lifetime, he performed for countless churches, civic groups, conferences, health societies, scientific organizations, and the Northern Colorado Observances of the International Hour For Peace.

Michael was also a scientist and an electrician. He got involved in broadcasting in 1976, and worked at several radio and TV stations over the next few years. In 1980, he began working in the solar energy business until 1984 when he started a microcomputer business. He also became involved with the International Tesla Society, which eventually led to writing a number of scientific articles on physics and meteorology. His expertise in Chinese language led him to become an expert in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of creating balance and harmony in the arrangement of rooms and buildings. In 1990, he began doing environmental surveys that covered every aspect of home and commercial environments as they affect health and well-being, including ergonomics, design, electromagnetism and air quality. In 1993, he became certified as an Environmental Building Inspector from the International Institute for Bau-Biologie and Ecology.

In 1996, his book “Design Ecology” was published by Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. He also published books on Environmental Therapy, Fundamentals of Geobiology, Fundamentals of Harmonic Chemistry, Cultural Geometry, and Essential Logic. In 2006, he founded “Tesla Academy” in order to provide knowledge about environmental health, advanced energy research, alternative energy sources, logic, and music to the general public. Visit www.TeslaAcademy.info for more information about his nonprofit organization.

Pursuing his passion for learning and sharing knowledge and wisdom, Michael served as a substitute teacher in the Cheyenne Public Schools from 2002 until 2014 when his health forced him into Assisted Living. His broad background enabled him to teach Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Math, Reading, English, Spanish, French, Physical Education, Health, Special Education, and of course, Music. He divided his time between Cheyenne and Northern Colorado, and was a member of both Cheyenne Brethren Church and Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship.

Michael is preceded in death by his mother and father, George and Phyllis Doran. He is survived by his sister Alison Doran of Laytonville, CA; his daughter Rhianna Walorski of Larkspur, CO; and two sons, Verdi Riversong (15) and Bear Riversong (12), of New Scotland, NY. His loss will be felt by thousands of friends and fans all over the world who loved his music, books, scientific papers, kind heart, and humble, generous spirit.

His Memorial service will be at the Fort Collins Mennonite Fellowship sometime the weekend of August 28-30, and Memorials can be sent to the church at 300 East Oak, Fort Collins, CO 80521. Make checks to “Ft Collins Mennonite Fellowship” with “Michael Riversong” in the memo line. You can also post tributes on his Facebook page, which will include updates about his memorial service and other information.

His books, tapes, and CD’s will be available for sale through Balsiger Media Enterprises, 970 663-3820, www.balsigermedia.com/michaelriversong.html .

“Michael was one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with, a great scientist, an exceptional teacher, and a kind, generous soul who desperately wanted to do good in the world. He left an amazing body of research, writings, and beautiful, inspirational music, along with Tesla Academy and three wonderful children. We shall do our best to carry on his work and his legacy.” [Victoria Gardner]

Obituary June 21, 2015

Michael taught me so many things. I've often told the story of Michael playing absolutely divine music on an autoharp that was completely out of tune! He was an unusual man who selflessly supported the free energy movement almost from day one. Dale Pond

It is with deep regret that I received news Michael Riversong passed away last night. Michael was a staunch supporter of the Extraordinary Technology Conferences and the Tesla Symposiums we held in Colorado Springs. I have been doing conferences for over 30 years and Michael was the MC at most of them. His passing will leave a hole at not just the Tesla conferences, but the multitude of meetings where he played his harp as background music in the evenings.

Below is an account of Michael's final moments by Victoria Gardner

Steve Elswick - steve at teslatech.info
Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology
(520) 252-0374 - http://www.teslatech.info

MICHAEL RIVERSONG PASSED AWAY. It is with a sad heart and yet a glad Spirit that I inform you our dear friend and colleague Michael Riversong made his transition into the Next Life about 7:00 on Saturday, June 20th. After devoting much of his time to creating peace and healing in the world, he is now at Peace and totally Healed! His transition was very peaceful, even joyful. His roommate Jim was there and saw Michael look up at the ceiling and then joyfully, exuberantly holler “Yay!” Jim went to the restroom and heard Michael holler even louder “Yay!” a second time. He said that when he got out of the restroom, Michael had taken his last breath. One of their caregivers, Christina, was in the hall at the time and also heard Michael loudly and happily shout “Yay! Yay!” When she entered the room, she could tell his Spirit had left. She told me “it was one of the most peaceful deaths I’ve seen.” So we have every reason to believe that he was very happy to see the Angels and Guides who came to escort him to Heaven.

Many of his closest friends were with him from Wednesday on as he gradually transitioned, and he received many blessings and prayers. His daughter Rhianna spent the afternoon with him. I arrived shortly after his passing and administered Last Rites in several different faiths. Our friend Jay came about 30 minutes later and prayed over him. Dhara, Carol, Pastor Steve, and David all came shortly thereafter to support Rhianna, and to begin the tedious process of settling his affairs. His Memorial service will be at the Fort Collins Mennonite Church sometime in the next two weeks, and Pastor Steve will be making the arrangements. We’ll let you know the date and time as soon as it’s set. No flowers or cards are needed, but since Michael died with no money or life insurance, donations for the expenses involved in settling his affairs are very much needed and appreciated. One of his last requests was that Tesla Academy would continue, so donations can also be made to it. A photo of him playing his harp at the 2010 Hour For Peace was on the front page of the Coloradoan . Michael was one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with, a great scientist, and a wonderful teacher. He left this world an amazing body of research, writings, and beautiful music, along with Tesla Academy, and three wonderful children. We shall do our best to carry on his work. Yay, Michael!

It is times like these that remind us of how short and fragile life is. This year I have lost too many friends and thank God for every morning that I can look in the mirror and be thankful for my health!

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