Law of Oscillating Atomoles

"Atomoles oscillating at a uniform pitch (determined by their uniform size and weight) produce the creative force Atomolity, whose transmissive form, Gravism, is propagated through more rarefied media, producing the static effect upon all other atomoles, denominated Gravity." Keely, 1893

Commentary June, 2017
As we know "atomole" in Keely’s parlance refers to quantum and sub-quantum entities or 'units of power'. No doubt he left a table of these countless entities in his writings which are yet to be found. Such a table could be reconstructed to some minor degree by carefully reviewing the literature we do have. A start was made with the svpwiki entry "Etheric Elements". Each of these particles oscillates at determinable pitches or frequencies. These frequencies can be calculated or otherwise known. These atomoles produce therefore a radiating force. This force at its source within the atomole is deemed a Creative Force (source) called Atomolity. As this force radiates or travels away from the Atomole its name changes because traveling (propagating) is different than being a Source and is called Gravism. This force after radiating impacts other bodies or particles and the effects produced are called Gravity. See the Law of Force

In this law is revealed Keely considered Gravity as an effect and not a prime force or power. Gravity is an effect of subtler forces in action. To study gravity then is to study effects. SVP is concerned with causes. In this law the cause is held to be the pitches of atomoles and their sympathetic link to other atomoles. Since quantum physics and mechanics was not even a dream in Keely’s time he was obliged to name the things and phenomena he discovered. His term 'atomole' is a general term for all the subatomic particles or entities smaller than an atom. These entities 1) oscillate, 2) radiate and 3) render an attractive effect on those entities it impacts and excites. See Law of Assimilation.

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