Law of Atomic Pitch

Law of Atomic Pitch
"Atoms have each a different and definite pitch, at which they naturally vibrate.

Scholium: atomic pitch is determined directly from its simple spectrum.

Scholium: atomic pitch is determined by computations from its associate spectrum with all other atoms, as in known spectra.

Scholium: atomic pitches are more important working data than Atomic weights; tables of atomic pitches must be precise." Keely

Commentary August, 2017
According to Keely’s own definition of pitch: "Pitch is the relative frequency of vibration." Keely

It is unfortunate modern science uses wave length as a measure of atomic activity and not frequency. Yet they use frequency in some of their calculations. Which means almost all of the data concerning this attribute that is findable is stated in wave length. Of course wave length is a reciprocal of frequency and the conversion is not that difficult. Another issue with conventional science is they tend to use scientific notation (as in rounding off) of large numbers. Such is said to be easier to perform math. Rounding off is not the definition of accuracy. One wonders about all that.

The spectra or spectrum of an element is composed of a collection of frequencies. While there is a fundamental in that collection it (a single frequency) is not all there is to consider. We have then a chord of frequencies. These, each taken as a specific frequency, are to be compared to those of other elements as one would musical notes (relative pitches) to derive the pitch. These comparisons then appear as chords having various degrees of harmony and discord. As we saw in the Law of Attraction, Law of Repulsion and the Bjerknes Effect polarity and its effects boil down to the relative degree of harmony/attraction and discord/repulsion.

These frequencies of the atoms are more important than their weights for working with atoms in chemistry, etc. It is unfortunate that the specific spectra (frequency) of atoms has been held more or less proprietary by those having such data. However there are web sites that publish such data. There are listed several sources on the Spectra page.

A curious work I did some years ago relating the atomic elements to music.

Click here to visit interactive web page: Periodic Table Set to Music

Keely’s Chord of Mass is of course all the frequencies within a body considered as a chord which is the same as our term ’signature’.

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