Keely in Contempt of Court2

Keely in Contempt of Court

JOHN W. KEELY, who claims to have invented something or other which is to revolutionize existing conditions surrounding the development of motor power, has at last been declared in contempt of court, and unless he purges himself of the contempt by promptly exhibiting his so-called "motor" to the experts appointed to examine it he stands a fair chance of being committed to the county prison of Philadelphia. The attachment of his person was not placed in the Sheriff's hands Saturday when the order was made, the court desiring to give Mr. Keely reasonable time to purge himself and avoid the degradation which will follow his commitment to prison. The inventor now finds himself in a position where his long career of living at the expense of credulous capitalists is threatened with a sudden ending. If he obeys the court and exhibits his motor, explaining its "workings" to the experts, the mystery will be exploded, and the fraudulent nature of his claims will be exposed. If he does not obey, operations on the wonderful motor will have to cease, as he could scarcely enjoy the secrecy which his projects require, under the watchful eyes of his jailers. Whatever decision he may make the people will be the gainer, and the contributions to his yawning pocketbook will stop. (The New York Times) 11/12/1888

See Law Suit wherein Keely was sued by Bennett C. Wilson to reveal proprietary information about his work; did so according to original court order; refused to do so when too much was later ordered to be done and revealed; confined for contempt for failing to obey court order; spent one night in jail; released the next day when said commitment was reversed.

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