Keely Rumors

There are countless rumors and stories about Keely and what he did. Very few of these stories can be verified so do not take them as truth. They are unsubstantiated rumors until verified if at all. [Dale Pond]

Sir Timothy Thrapp's story on Keely is that bankers hired the ministry including Keely during the first few days of a world trade fair where Keely demonstrated levitating spheres orbiting like our planets do. They started building cigar shaped crafts, when to the moon in 1892, went to mars in 1893. They used Keely's technology to build the first secret underground military base (city) using Keely's tech to hollow out Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD). Keely did not really die like they said he did. He worked on wormholes with Nikola Tesla around 1900. He showed up to help Henry Ford set up his automobile plant, designing a flywheel for the Model T so it would run on free energy if you installed 3 magnets on the firewall. They had the magnets in stock, and they made these flywheels for about 6 months. Back in the 1980's, someone very similar in appearance to Keely that had worked on Antoine Priore's healing machine in France, showed up to help Sir Timothy Thrapp build his own version of that healing machine. The machine was a success, and was the size of a house all made with custom components, vacuum tubes, etc. The truth of when advanced technology crafts, secret cities, points back to John Keely. Very strange and bizarre, and very difficult to find proof, as most of this type of information was passed on through word of mouth and kept secret for so many years.

Victor Hansen used to tell me the story of the orbiting levitated spheres at the fair. I have yet to see any confirmation. [Dale Pond]

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