Hydron - Russell

0= Hydron 400= Hy.
[The Universal One, Page 94]

"Of these elements two in the fourth octave, when discovered, will be of great use to man. Each of them will mark an epoch in human progress.

Hydron (400=) the master tone of its octave, is a non-inflammable inert gas which is in every way superior for transportation to hydrogen because it is much lighter, absolutely non-injurious and easier to produce.

It has all the safety qualities of helium and its carrying capacity exceeds that of helium by eight times and is double that of hydrogen.

Both hydron and helium can be produced by transmutation in unlimited quantities at an expense which is negligible while helium, of a sufficient quantity to fill a dirigible, produced by the present methods now costs three quarters of a million dollars.

The control of the production of this gas by any nation would insure the peace of the world." [Russell, The Universal One, page 100]

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