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Q: I'm confused about all the types of energies being talked about by different people. I've heard of Eloptic Energy, Chi, Bioenergy, etc.

A: Your confusion is not yours alone. Many (just about everyone) are confused in the same regard. It seems people are mixing one classification with others. For instance, electrons/ions are being confused with higher state energies as are associated with Life Force and Mind Force, etc.

The problem lies in there has not been a comprehensive classification of all these “energies” (yet). Obviously, if you read what everyone says they will all vary from one another. Obviously then there are more than one “energy” types, categories or classifications being described. I believe Keely more completely classified these higher state energies but his work has been lost to us. In the meantime my suggestion is to study what classifications we do have:


Etheric Elements


and etc. In my new book “Keelys Laws of Being” I do go over this to some detail.

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