Base 10

Everyone needs to get and read "The Great Pyramid", 1880 by Charles Piazzi Smyth. Used hard cover reprint editions are available for under $30.00 on bookfinder.com. Read and digest this book especially the last half wherein Smyth argues for the English standard system of measure which is a Base 12 system as opposed to the newly (then) introduced Base 10 metric system. Sound and vibration are Base 12 and NOT Base 10 of the metric system pushed on to the world by Napolean’s materialistic scientists. A truly harmonious study of sound, vibration and music requires Base 12 math. Everyone could benefit from reading this book and understanding why Base 10 metrology is a catastrophe and the unseen consequences of using it - which we are all now forced to use. If it were so good why are we being FORCED to use it???

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